Teaching the Beginner Yoga Student

Teaching the Beginner Yoga Student

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Yoga and meditation are becoming an incredibly popular modality in the Western World so many recommend it! Doctors, Psychologists, Physical Therapists are all recommending their clients to Yoga. If you are a yoga teacher it could be hard to know what is going through the beginner's mind and how to address them so they feel comfortable with the yoga practice and want to integrate it into a lifetime practice that will benefit them exponentially. 

Topics That Are Covered in this On-Demand Workshop
The Expectations of Beginner Yogis
Different Types of Learning
Cueing & Repetition
Determining Level, Strength, Flexibility of the Beginner
Accommodating the Beginner
Structure of the Beginners Brain

This is an introduction to teaching the beginner. For more in depth learning join our online 200- Hour Teaching Training!

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