Conversation with Nathaly Rubio Torres of Voces Latinas

Conversation with Nathaly Rubio Torres of Voces Latinas

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Seva Sangha: Conversation with Leaders of Selfless Service

A Revolutionary Ripples Virtual Discussion with Nathaly Rubio-Torio - Executive Director - Voces Latinas
Revolution Yoga Virtual Seva Sangha: Conversations with leaders of selfless service.
Seva means selfless service and Sangha means a community who joins together to dive into higher ideas and walk towards self-realization together. As humans we are not put on this earth to be alone, we choose to live and interact with others, and according to yogic philosophy a large portion of our living should be dedicated to being in service to others. This is how we create paradise on earth, by holding one another up.

So throughout 2021 we hope to help lift up communities in need by banding together in our Revolution Yoga community to offer conversations on selfless service opportunities. We are looking to you, our community, to join these virtual conversations with selfless service leaders. The leaders will discuss service missions and ways to get involved. Sometimes the greatest yoga, the greatest gratitude, the greatest inner peace is found in giving back without expectation of return.

Get Inspired To Get Involved.

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